Thank You From Just In Time!

May 26, 2021

Our partnership with Just In Time has been an impactful experience in being able to understand the importantance of helping youth who are aging out of foster care get set up for the rest of their adult life! The work Just In Time is doing for these incredible, resilient, and full-of-potential youth is life altering. We feel so lucky in being able to support them over the month of May and are very much looking forward to our Reunion in September to wrap up our partnership in a big way.

Thank you to all those who have donated to our Just in Time Target Wishlist drive! If you still want to donate, you have until Monday, May 31st! See the details below!

Just In Time sent us over a video they created of a youth that has been able to directly benefit from the donations that our tribe of Artists donated.

JIT Participant - Sandra Harness

We also wanted to share these beautiful words from a former participant of the Just In Time services who is now part of their Just In Time team, helping to making a difference for these youth who have aged out of foster care in the San Diego area.

CAITLIN-DAUGHTER-copy Caitlin and daughter

As a former foster youth and past participant myself; I know that moving into your first apartment and creating your first home is a HUGE accomplishment. Without family support or extra funds, acquiring furniture and cleaning supplies can become a source of stress that takes away from enjoying such an important milestone. The experience of shopping for new household items and picking out really nice furniture through Just In Time's My First Home service literally feels like winning the lottery. I never thought I’d be so happy to get a vacuum. Resting on a bug free, stain free, brand-new mattress is everything to a single mother who will get 4 hours of sleep after studying late to wake up and work the next morning. The ability to invite friends over without embarrassment is priceless. I share this with you just so you know the impact of our partnership is truly life-changing! Thank You so much for all your support, and keep up the good work!


Caitlin, Investor Stewardship Specialist

The timezone who donates the most will receive an exclusive call with Cara! For more information on the Target Wishlist you can view this Seint Gallery post.

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Winner Contest Results

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We are leaving the Target Wishlist open until our conference in September if you'd like to contribute.