"This is not a race to see how productive you can be in your home."

April's #MBbeautyinspired comes from Emerald Gagnon, who is recognizing the beauty in everyday life at home

April 22, 2020

“Let's do a morale check-in, yeah? I know I have friends who are scared and anxious with uncertainty right now. I also have friends who are brushing the whole thing off and almost laughing at the circumstances. I will be honest that I have kind of teeter-tottered between the two lately.

These next few weeks are going to be hard for a lot of people. And no one's hard is harder than the others if you look with empathy and compassion… so stop comparing. A lot of doors are closing, so let's open our hearts more. Let's train our eyes to see all the beauty in our own home, like those magical specks of dust that dance and appear in the sun's rays across the living room. Those of us who are scared, lean into those of us who can laugh. Let's be one another's balance, because this will certainly affect each of us in some way.

This is not a race to see how productive you can be in your home. Stop with the stressy stuff and stop scrolling. Slow down and smell your baby's head - even if your baby is 14. Have your kids plan the day, and your outfit. Watch the shows you've been wanting to watch and finish the books you've started reading. Dust off your hobby. Kon Mari your closet. Drink all the coffee and eat dark chocolate. Have pancakes and popcorn for dinner. Make shadow puppets before bed and fall asleep together in a heap. Think of it as an opportunity to shift your mindset these next few weeks. I hope we remember this time in history as a map of transformation.” -- @whollytotallyemerald