More Than Makeup

Throughout everything, I was losing me. I no longer knew where I fit.

This month's MTM Moment comes from Top HAC-er, Tracy Paulk, from Tulsa, OK

June 20, 2019

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d be promoting a makeup brand I would have laughed! Trust me, I’m the last person who would have guessed it!

A few years ago I found myself somewhere I never thought I’d be. I was starting over. I had to let go of the path I thought my life was taking. I had lost myself and felt like I was in a hole and didn’t know which way was up. I had two young girls and all I could focus on was them and making sure they were ok. Throughout everything, I was losing me. I no longer knew where I fit. For the longest time, I couldn’t bring myself to say the words “single mom”. It made me sad, I was embarrassed, and I felt like I had disappointed people.

I was introduced to Maskcara makeup and instantly fell in love the moment I put it on. Just the small act of simply taking 5-10 minutes each day for me and to put this makeup on made me feel better. I loved the way it made me look and that confidence on the outside slowly started sinking in to the inside. I was slowly able to carry that confidence with me throughout my day.

I have grown so much mentally and emotionally over the past few months. The ladies I have met along the way and this amazing company have encouraged me to do things this introverted girl never thought she could! I have never been very goal oriented, not because I don’t have any but because I never really believed I could achieve them. Now I have some big goals. Not just with Maskcara, but in life. And though I may be slow getting there, I know I will. I’m a single mom and I’m proud. I’m proud of the things I’ve overcome. I’m proud of the example I’m setting for my girls. I’m proud of what I know I can someday accomplish. It may seem so silly to credit some makeup for all of this, but it’s amazing how something so small can be so much more!

-Tracy Paulk @tlpaulk