Transactional + Marketing Emails

October 02, 2020

Hey there Artists,

We wanted to give you a little more information regarding our Maskcara Beauty emails.

We have two different types of emails that are sent out from two different systems and providers. Our transactional emails (order/ship/artist-customer confirmations) come from one provider and our marketing emails are sent from another.

Here are a few updates on both types of emails -

Transactional Emails

Artist Confirmation for Customer Orders: The emails Artists receive when a customer places an order is currently not being sent. We are aware of this situation and our web development team is working on a solution. We ask for your patience as we are unsure how long it may take to resolve. In the meantime, please view your customer orders and shipping status in your back office as needed. Please note: if you email into ASK regarding this situation, they will not be able to fix the emails for you and will tell you to check out your back office.

Marketing Emails

We have started some fun new emails to ensure a complete experience for our customers. These campaigns will be implemented shortly, and we want to be sure you are watching for them.

Welcome Series: When a customer signs up to receive our marketing emails through the pop-up on the site, they will receive a series of three emails over a week's period. Welcome to Maskcara, IIID Essentials, and a Stay in the Know (stay connected on social media).

Post Purchase Campaign: This is for first-time purchasers only. 14 days after they purchase, we will send one email linking them to video tutorials, showing some product recommendations they've browsed before and how to contact ASK if needed.

Winback Campaign: If a customer hasn't purchased for 90 days, we will send one follow up email to encourage them to purchase.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: If a customer leaves an item in their cart, we will send one email 24 hours after the cart is left unattended as a little nudge to complete their purchase.