Artist Spotlight

Tutorial Guru and Mother of 5, Lucrecia Hale

This month we're spotlighting Top HAC-er, Lucrecia Hale, from Provo, UT

June 20, 2019

Lucrecia Hale | Top HAC-er | Provo, UT

Lucrecia Hale grew up in Arizona and Colorado, but has spent her adult life living in Provo, Utah. While her full name is Lucrecia, everyone calls her Lu. Her childhood nickname is Lulubelle, and she’s quite fond of it.

She has been married for almost 22 years. She has 5 children ranging from 19 to 11 years old: 4 boys and 1 girl, who ironically turns her nose up to all things related to makeup.

She became an artist in March 2017 to earn some “fun” money, but once her business really started to grow, she began hoarding her paychecks to help her kids pay for college. Lucrecia has used IIID foundation when the very first quad compact was released, and has loved it since then.

While it’s difficult to choose just one favorite product, Lucrecia could not live without Bubba and Sandstone - they’re her holy grail colors. She loves them so much!

Lucrecia Hale Family 1

When Lucrecia isn’t doing makeup, she loves to exercise, paddle board, ride beach cruisers and snowshoe. But her #1 favorite thing to do is watch her boys play football.

If Lucrecia could eat one thing without consequence, it would be doughnuts. California’s sidecar doughnuts are her absolute favorite and a vacation must!

Lucrecia’s very best advice for anyone who wants to do well as an artist is to be consistent. Show up to work every single day. Schedule blocks into your calendar if needed, but show up for your business everyday by engaging with your audience, following up with customers and learning more about makeup, photography and marketing. You will be rewarded with more than a weekly paycheck!