Artist Programs

Update to Rank Advancement Delivery

Rank Advancement Jewelry + Certificates Now Ship Separate

November 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday!🍂 We have an update we'd like to share with you: we've made a little change in how you will receive your recognition jewelry starting this month. Your certificate will arrive separately from your earned jewelry. October ranks, like previously mentioned, will be coming branded as Maskcara, and starting for November ranks (shipped in December) you will receive Seint branded packaging.

Please note, your certificate and jewelry may arrive one to two weeks apart. The certificates take a bit more time to print and ship than the jewelry items.

Thank you for all your patience as we have rolled this out and as we have worked out kinks for a very soon-to-be seamless arrival of your rank advancement awards.

As a reminder below are the items you receive at each rank:


Elite HACER (ARTIST II) - Certificate certificate example

Top HACER (ARTIST III) - Pin + Certificate Pin:Card

Artist Ambassador (ARTIST IV) - Chain Necklace + Certificate Chain Necklace

Elite Ambassador (ARTIST V) - Bar Necklace + Certificate Bar Necklace

Top Ambassador (ARTIST VI) - Meridian Necklace + Certificate Meridian Necklace

Influencer (ARTIST VII) - Ring + Certificate 8G2A0023 (1)

Elite Influencer (ARTIST VIII) - Band + Certificate 8G2A0050

Top Influencer (ARTIST IX) - 14k Gold Meridian Ring + Certificate 8G2A0068

Executive Director (ARTIST X) - Engraved Tiffany's Bracelet + Certificate ARTIST X BRACELET

Below are a couple FAQs specific to our Seint transition:

recognition faqs

Will our Recognition Certificates and Jewelry that we have ALREADY earned and received be updated with the new rank names? No. Since you qualified at specific ranks while the company was Maskcara, think of your certificates and jewelry as heritage pieces of your journey and history with Seint. The jewelry pieces will not be changing, only the Seint branding on the jewelry and certificates.

When will we start to receive Seint branded Recognition Jewelry? We will be sending out the Seint branded jewelry and certificates for November rank advancements, which means those pieces will ship mid-December. Depending on stock for each jewelry piece, you may receive a Seint branded item in November for October rank advancements.