Artist Programs

Welcome New Seint Artists!

January 18, 2021



If you are new to our Seint Team- or if you are welcoming someone new- we want the onboarding process to be as simple and easy for everyone. A lot of individual teams have their own resources and training materials, so we want to keep the information coming from HQ (Headquarters) as simple and straightforward as possible. We do not want to overwhelm, but rather offer support to those needing- and wanting- information on how to get started!

Here are the top things you need to know from HQ!



Seint Gallery - Seint Gallery ( is where we publish detailed information on what is happening within the Seint community. There you will find all things Seint-Artist-related, as well as detailed new product release information, monthly Honor Roll articles, Artist spotlights, policy reminders, event updates, and important information regarding the Artist program, among other things.

Also, on Seint Gallery you will find a “Resources” Tab where you can download and use any images or graphics provided for Artists to run their Seint business.

Telegram - This is where we notify Artists of new articles posted on SG (Seint Gallery), send warehouse and restock updates, webinar reminders, and other time-sensitive information that we don't want you to miss out on! You can find instructions for joining Telegram here!

STAG - The Seint Artist Group (STAG) on Facebook is the place to go to connect with your fellow Seint sisters. It's a community of like-minded women who help each other out with their businesses. We love the support we see there daily. Make sure to educate yourself on the STAG Group rules once you join!

Demi Colour Facebook Group - The Demi Colour Facebook Group is a resource for all those wanting to learn more about Seint’s new makeup system, Demi Colour - being released January 26, 2021. There you will find in-depth training and additional resources on learning and using the system.

Headquarter Training Resources

For those wanting to get started and looking for additional training resources, please check out our Training tab on the Seint Gallery website. Here you will find the following video trainings - as well as any complementing pdfs or FAQs.


*Please note that these trainings are “Maskcara” branded, but will begin being rebranded to Seint in the upcoming months.

SUGAR Series - Cara’s training series on the acronym “SUGAR” breaks down the simple steps of where to focus your time daily to make building your Seint business fun and effective. The acronym stands for:

Share everyday Use the product Guide your team Ace that color match Retain your customers

Headquarter Series - In this series, you will get a good overview about Seint. From our culture and mindset, to events, to compliance and the ASK team, you will learn the basics of everything you need to know to get started.

Back Office Series - We walk through the basics of how to navigate your back office.

Demi Colour/IIID Foundation/Product Series - Here you will find an overview on the different products Seint offers, as well as the training on both systems. Please note, Demi is a new product line and as such, the tab will redirect you to your back office for basic training.

Compensation Plan Series - There are three videos in this series that contain detailed training on the compensation plan. Along with these videos, you can click on the “FAQ” section to read other Frequently Asked Questions on the Compensation Plan.

For additional support, we encourage you to reach out to your upline and fellow Seint Artists. We are so proud of our community of Artists and their willingness to share and support new team members. Welcome to the team! We are so glad you are here!