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Telling the truth about what you're selling gives you an edge in the business world

March 03, 2020

Being in sales can mean different things for different people. There are so many aspects that go into this business - and so many different personalities - that being successful can and will look different for everyone. One of the best things about sales for Cara is all of the amazing opportunities and experiences that come with being in the business.

Now say you love Seint and want to share it with the world, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about getting into the business of sales. Cara says that first, you must really be interested in what you’re selling, and who you’re selling to. People will be able to see right through you if you aren’t completely invested in your business and the products - sure, the “sales” approach might work on some people, but it will definitely not work on more people than it will. This is why Cara says it’s really important that you believe in yourself and in the products, and show an interest in the people you’re selling to.

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business - without them, you simply cannot make a sale. Showing interest in them, and really wanting them to find what works best for them, will be far more beneficial to you in the long run than just sitting down and pitching them some products.

Rather than faking interest (and adopting the mindset of faking it ‘til you make it), Cara says that you have to cultivate interest - you literally have to create interest within yourself if you want your business to work. This is one of those things that Cara says is heavily misconstrued in the business world. It’s too easy to be approached by people who will fake interest in you just so they can get you to buy something.

Along those same lines, Cara says that a big part of business is redefining what success means to you. For Cara, it means changing peoples’ lives and making their lives better in whatever ways she possibly can. Take Seint Beauty, for instance. Cara is able to tell people that the makeup products are truly amazing, and not only does she get to show them how true this is, but they get to see it for themselves and actually believe it. Telling people the truth about what you’re selling gives you an edge in the business world, and that’s part of success for Cara.

When you’re connecting with people trust is what you’re building your foundation on because people are lied to in the marketing world at every turn. Gaining the trust of whoever you’re trying to build a relationship with (sell product to) is the first - and most important - step to being successful at sales.

Cara says another important aspect of sales is not the number of people you have in your audience. You may only have a few people in your inner circle who you choose to surround yourself with. This is completely okay. It’s more valuable to surround yourself with people who are going to be there and show up for you than it is to surround yourself with hundreds of strangers who don’t care what you have to say. It’s easier to build a connection and trust with fewer people than it is with hundreds. Cara says to put your focus into the few, and the few will eventually become many.

When you stop to think about it, what Seint has built is not about competition. At all. We hear sometimes that Artists feel like they can’t be good at sales because they don’t have the social media following that someone else has, but your success has nothing to do with numbers. It’s about using social media as a microphone to share the product you love - with the people you love and that trust you. It’s about focusing on connecting with the people and building relationships that last a lifetime. We all have a different circle of people we interact with on a daily basis, and chances are that no two groups of people are the same. This really broadens the field for who you can reach with this amazing makeup because, at the end of the day, we’re all here to share a mutual interest in something we love.

You can watch the full webinar here.