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YOU have the opportunity to get creative

April 07, 2020

These are unique times we find ourselves in. Everyone is going through their own challenges, yet we are all finding our way through the same obstacle course together - just from the safety of our own homes. One of the things Cara finds herself struggling with is seeing other people in pain. To help her feel better, one of her coping mechanisms is helping people in need. But, the best way we can all help each other right now is by staying home and not being around one another which is why social distancing has been a challenge for her.

One of the ways Cara says you can channel your feelings of “helplessness” is by banding together as a group and spreading the positivity that is Seint. At first, Cara struggled with the idea of growing the Seint family right now. She felt like it shouldn’t be the focus and that helping others should be the ultimate goal. She soon came to realize that offering to others what Seint has given to so many is the best gift we can give to anyone.

Not only do people have the opportunity to bring in some extra income in a time they might be struggling financially, but they also have an opportunity to grow as a person and stay connected. In these times of isolation, interacting with other people can be really helpful and what better way to do that than creating lifelong relationships with fellow Seint sisters and customers.

This business is a reason to talk to people, to get creative, and to connect with others who you normally wouldn’t interact with on a normal basis. Seint offers that interaction to people during this time when they especially need it. It occupies time and provides a sense of normalcy and routine that could otherwise be missing from peoples’ lives.

Another great thing about what Seint has to offer is helping people feel pretty, to feel their best. We’re all stuck at home, and while the idea of staying in our jammies all day every day is a great idea, the appeal wears off rather quickly. Waking up, getting dressed and doing your makeup is a big step to helping bring some normalcy into an otherwise chaotic time.

If you’re looking for something to help center you, Cara suggests reading “The Road Back to You,” and focus on the 10 tips for navigating and transforming healthy habits. During times of stress, it can be easy to revert back to old habits that aren’t always productive. This is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce yourself to some healthy habits and keep yourself in a productive zone.

Seint has started a thread on the Seint Beauty Facebook Group to brainstorm different ways we, as Seint Artists, can help our fellow Artists, customers, and those around us during this time of social isolation. The world needs you to help spread your love and positivity, and Seint is the perfect platform to do it.