Amanda Earnest

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Amanda Earnest is a mom of five from Orange County, CA, and she has been married to her husband, Mark, for 18 years.

 She got started as a Seint Artist because she loves makeup and wanted to provide a supplemental income for her family. Having owned a traditional business of her own for seven years, she knew the challenges that came with entrepreneurship. She loved the idea that as a Seint Artist, she could still have the freedom and autonomy to work her business without many of the demands she once felt burdened by in traditional businesses. It’s been wonderful for her to find the happy medium between partnering with an amazing company to help her family, and having a business once again to call her own!

Amanda recommends new Artists have patience — time to learn, time to develop skill sets, to practice, to fail, and to experience their individual journeys in a way that really honors the personal growth that’s required to succeed as an Artist.  She invites Artists not to confuse “consistency” with “constancy.”  She loves to see her Artists really enjoy consistent growth in their businesses by being mindful of the life that happens around them, and to never just let it pass them by. She loves helping Artists practice the skill of building their businesses around their lives, not their lives around their businesses. She understands that the movement between the areas of your life is key to maintaining consistent, long-term growth and success as an Artist.   

 A few fun facts about Amanda: two years ago, she and Mark took a dream vacation to Thailand. Mango sticky rice on repeat and meeting elephants were major highlights! The last show she and Mark binged on Netflix was definitely one of her favorites ever- the Korean drama “Crash Landing on You.”  The whole thing was in subtitles but she didn’t care because it was just that good! Amanda loves visiting Disneyland after school with her kids, cooking, going to the beach, and firmly believes that Diet Dr. Pepper ought to be its own glorious food group!