Amber Gustowski

Winnipeg, MBArtist since January, 2020Facebook Icon

Amber Gustowski is a wife and mama of 3 from Winnipeg, Canada.

Time, freedom, and working from home is in her bones; and while she achieved big things in her last company, she was no longer inspired and people weren’t winning. From that moment, she realized what was most important in life, and chose not to give into her fears and to look for a company to make a powerful movement with- this is when she found Seint. Helping women recognize their true beauty and their inner power, all within a few minutes, sounded amazing to Amber- she was all in!! From there, YOU GLOW GIRL was birthed and continues to grow daily, inspiring so many women!

Amber's motto is to always choose love over fear, and to listen to your inner power over your inner critic. She believes we are all are a miracle, and we should all do what lights us up! If you’re ever looking for her, she may be caught eating a poutine in her kimono, while binge watching the latest juicy drama on Netflix ;)