Angela Knutson

Gilbert, AZArtist since April, 2017

Angela Knutson is a Mama of 4 babies 5 yrs old and under! She actually had them all in a 4 year span! Life is wild, but she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Speaking of wild, she also lives on a farm and had over 1000 animals. Her favorite animal on the farm are the goats, and often gets named a “Goat Doula” because of all the goats she has birthed!

She has been a workaholic her whole life.  She believes if you want to do something, do it! You only live once!

Her background is in photography, fitness, and interior design. She was working all of those jobs at once, with SEINT... but recently narrowed everything down to do Seint Exclusively! She’s extremely happy about that :)

Seint came at a time when she really really needed it, it fills her cup and more !!

She loves helping women look and feel beautiful, and believe they are beautiful. Helping customers has been fulfilling, but then when her team growth started happening, it was life changing! Her favorite part about being a Seint artist, is helping her team and watching them grow! It means everything to her!