Ashlyn Moench

Lac La Biche, AB Artist since April, 2019

Ashlyn was born and raised in a small town in  east-central Alberta, Canada on a mixed cattle and grain farm. It was there that she developed her passion for rural living and knew that she always wanted to come back to serve her small community after her education in Nursing. 

 As life went on, new opportunities were presented and Ashlyn & her future Husband Quinten decided to branch off their existing family ranch and move to Northern Alberta in 2018. There, they have expanded their own Ranch complete with 100 Cows, 3 Miniature Donkeys, and 1 sweet farm dog and were married in September of 2020. While Ashlyn’s big move has brought many blessings to her life, she struggled deeply living away from family + friends, and that’s when Seint came into the picture.

On April 1st, 2019 Ashlyn joined the Artist Program in hopes of feeling some purpose and community. Little did she know, Seint would provide her with irreplaceable friendships, personal growth, and a means to provide an amazing income amidst economic instability and job loss for her Husband. 

 You can catch Ashlyn tending to her cows when her husband is working away, baking bread, or binge watching The Bachelor with a good glass of wine. 

Ashlyn’s favourite Seint product is Soulmate Eye Shadow. With a subtle shimmer and soft pink she feels like she can conquer anything!