Bethany Balsis

Bristow, VA Artist since October, 2017

Bethany Balsis lives in Virginia with her husband and five children. She and her husband, Kyle, are originally from Wisconsin, met while in college in Minnesota and moved to Virginia after they got married 20 years ago. Their children range in age from 7 to 16, her oldest, Mason, a junior in high school and her youngest being twin boys, Camden + Weston. Bethany’s middle two children are her daughters, Payton (age 14) and Addison (age 13).. both girls have Down syndrome. Bethany and her husband adopted their younger daughter from Russia after having their older daughter. She made such a huge impact on them that they knew they wanted to adopt another little girl with Down syndrome.

After adopting, Bethany quit her career as a Federal Probation Officer. She taught herself to use a camera and has been shooting professionally ever since. In 2017, when she was in her early 40’s, Bethany came across Seint and she dove in head first, knowing that IIID Foundation was something that women her age needed. The sisterhood is one of her favorite things about our company.. she can’t imagine her life without it!

Some fun facts about Bethany:

One of Bethany’s favorite trips as an east coast girl was driving the Coastal Highway in California.

The last series Bethany binged on was Escaping Polygamy.

Bethany says she would eat Mexican every day if she could.

One thing about Bethany that always shocks people is that she won $20,000 on a dollar slot at a casino when she was a senior in college.