Brooke Finnigan

Prosper, TXArtist since February, 2018

Brooke Finnigan is married to her high school sweetheart. Together, they have 3 energetic kids and 2 dogs. Brooke grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and lived there with her family until about 4 years ago when they decided to move to Prosper, TX.

On top of being a successful Seint Artist, Brooke is a full time realtor. Brooke says she feels so blessed to have two jobs that she thoroughly enjoys doing - she loves them both so much. Seint came into Brooke’s world when she bought the makeup for the simplicity of its application. After falling in love with the products, she became an artist simply for the discount - she had no desire to build a second business because she was already "too busy." Fast forward a year and a half later, and she currently leads a team of 63 women and was able to attend honeymoon in Cabo. Brooke has found her calling in both fields: helping families find the home of their dreams and showing women how to simplify their makeup routines. Both are equally rewarding and so much fun.

What tips would you share to a new artist that would like to be a top performer? Some advice that Brooke would like to share with new artists is that she feels like the biggest keys to her success is by being consistent every month, following up with her customers and helping them troubleshoot via FaceTime or one on one appointment, doing tutorials regularly and not being pushy.

Being able to attend Honeymoon in Cabo has been Brooke’s favorite Seint event that she’s attended so far. She was able to meet so many incredible women on that trip. Every single one of them were so genuine and so nice, Brooke says. The cherry on top of that trip was Brooke’s husband being there, as well. He fell in love with the company and really saw the vision for how far this business could take them. Brooke is looking forward to attending Reign next month, since she was unable to attend Dream last year.

While it’s difficult to choose just one, Brooke’s favorite Seint products would have to be the brushes and Bella! And if she had to, she could eat ice cream everyday for the rest of her life.