Cassidy Schweigert

Scottsdale, AZArtist since May, 2017

Cassidy Schweigert lives in Scottsdale, AZ. She met her husband while attending Toni & Guy Cosmetology School and he was attending ASU. It was the first date she ever went on where she didn't know how old he was or what his last name was, but he was a pure gentleman and the rest is history! It was the epitome of a city girl meets a small town boy. He got away from playing college football and the cold snow in Wisconsin and chose Arizona State University, which Cassidy is so grateful for because if he hadn’t, they would have never met. Now they get to raise three beautiful girls who are 3, 9, and 10 years old.

Cassidy became an Artist because she missed the feeling of seeing women skip out of the salon with a fresh new look, feeling confident and ready to conquer their endeavors. After being a full time cosmetologist for 6 years - and doing hair for NYC Fashion Week - Cassidy decided to say goodbye to the chair and be a full time stay at home mom to her first born. She missed the socialization and the feeling of helping women know their beauty. When she first heard of Seint Beauty, she KNEW this was for her. She was over-the-moon excited that she could continue to be a stay-at-home mama to her three daughters while her husband works hard on the farm raising crops. She loves that she can help create beauty for women’s everyday lives AND raise three beautiful hearts at the same time. When Cassidy reached out to her friend (and now upline) to enroll, the Artist signups were closed for the first time, so she checked her phone daily! She’ll never forget the day her friend messaged her saying the signups were open again. Cassidy literally stopped what she was doing and invested into the best decision without one ounce of knowledge of how to run her own business. She didn't let that stop her, because she knew in her heart that this would be life changing! From the amazing reward trips she’s been able to experience - like Honeymoon and Leadership Retreats with her team - to new, lifelong friendships, Cassidy counts her blessings every day and wakes up with so much gratitude.

For anyone who is wanting to become a top performing Artist, Cassidy 100% encourages you to take some moments to delve into the existence of your OWN. With social media being such a forefront in our everyday routine, Cassidy feels that the comparison trap is gigantic. Most of the time, a woman enrolls to have her own thing, to find herself, and to find her sweet identity. Luckily Seint Beauty does this so organically for us. Most of the time we don't even realize that it is happening and BAM! We feel empowered and gorgeous! But social media can strip us of this. Cassidy encourages you to take a couple of days away from scrolling, watching, and comparing. She encourages you to write down 5 things that you feel you are good at. 5 things that make you happy. 5 things that make you feel YOU at your happiest point! The point of existence that no one can take from you! Share this. This will become your brand and your platform, and your community will see the light shine within you, and you will achieve each goal you create for yourself! There is so much beauty out there, but don't forget that YOU, too, are the beautiful one, and someone else is watching you in awe!

When Cassidy isn’t busy being an Artist or mom, you can find her on a yoga mat, drinking a green smoothie and eating dark chocolate! She absolutely loves the idea of a balanced life and living it to the fullest! Her girls are her everything. Being nestled together gives her life! Hearing their giggles, taking them on shopping sprees and watching them perform - whether it's reciting their poems in front of their class or shining on stage to a choreographed dance routine with confidence - brings Cassidy so much joy! They are her biggest cheerleaders, and Cassidy will forever be theirs.