Celeste Caplin

St. George, UTArtist since January, 2017

Celeste lives in St. George, Utah with her husband, Carl and their kids, Charlie, Sophia, and Cole. She's a lover of alliteration, Oreo Thins with milk, and all things that are old fashioned. Growing up, Celeste never took a huge interest in beauty beyond getting an occasional makeover and photoshoot from her older sisters. She always marveled at the magic they created, but never really considered herself that kind of magician.

Studious and perfectionistic at heart, Celeste pursued a nursing career and started her family. Then one day she found herself a little depressed, drenched in responsibility and motherhood and missing some excitement. At that point, Cara was getting ready to launch the Artist program. Fear of missing out on an opportunity to work with family and try something new, she joined as an Artist in January 2017. With no experience in sales or beauty she was way outside her comfort zone! But she got right to work applying the skills and talents she had, and practicing the ones she didn't.

Celeste started to feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment that she had been missing before she started as an Artist. She quickly realized that feeling beautiful everyday- and helping other women do the same- was a magic well within her reach! It was just a matter of believing she could and not being afraid to share.