Chelsea Clarence

Stevensville, MD Artist since January, 2018

Chelsea Clarence started her journey with Seint in January 2018. She lives in Maryland on Kent Island with her husband of 11 years and their daughters Alaina, 7, and Savanah, 2, plus their two cats. Chelsea grew up in Annapolis, MD, but left the state to attend Elon University in North Carolina and then came back home after she graduated.

Chelsea works full time in TV advertising, where she helps put local clients’ commercials on cable and streaming TV. Chelsea has always had a passion for makeup - it started when she was very young. She did a lot of modeling/acting growing up, so she got used to getting her makeup done by the professionals, and always liked to play with it at home on herself or her girlfriends.

Chelsea decided to work on the side as a makeup artist for a local bridal company, and loved doing makeup for weddings and special events. After having kids, she needed to have more time to spend with them, so she slowly got out of the makeup gig. This is now where Seint comes in- Chelsea was about to have her second daughter when her good friend of many years - Kate Twigg - had just purchased some Seint makeup and asked Chelsea her thoughts after she had put it on. Chelsea was intrigued, so she bought some for herself and then decided to become an artist. Chelsea remembers ordering her Artist Kit two days before she went to the hospital to deliver Savanah. Chelsea posted a picture of herself and her newborn and everyone kept commenting how put together she looked for just having a baby! Chelsea saw this as perfect timing to tell everyone that it was easy to throw a little makeup on with her new Seint compact.

Chelsea enjoyed doing makeovers on friends while she was home on maternity leave- and she wanted to learn more about how she could really use Seint to continue her passion for helping others with makeup and make this into a true business for herself. Since she started, Chelsea has established a team of over 200 wonderful women, and they are having so much fun doing this business together. Chelsea tells ladies all the time that this company is still fairly new, and is in total growth mode, so it's important to focus on growing your personal customers and potential Artist teammates. Chelsea believes if you really want to be successful and grow your business, then you need to show up everyday, be passionate, be consistent, and be yourself. Teach women and share with them why you love this makeup and company - don’t sell to them - share with them! Just have fun with this and push yourself to your goals- it will be totally worth it and you will talk about Seint with a big smile on your face!