Chelsea Pearson

Pocatello, IDArtist since February, 2017

Chelsea Pearson was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho and still remains there today raising her 5 children alongside her husband. Together, they enjoy taking their kids to golf tournaments and watching them compete. Golf is near and dear to Chelsea's heart because that is how she met her husband. They both played college golf and now get to enjoy playing with their children.

Chelsea has been part of the beauty industry since her heart started beating. Her mother owned her own hair salon and just barely retired after 50 years. Chelsea has always loved watching her mom help women feel beautiful, so it was fitting that she follow those footsteps and attend Esthetician school. After graduating, Chelsea now owned her own business, so she wanted to find an online makeup company where her clients could get what products she recommended and get them shipped directly to them. Insert Seint. 

"It was a dream come true! Something I had been looking for," Chelsea says. 

Chelsea loves that what she gained most by being a Seint Artist was something she always desired: really cool girlfriends!

Chelsea believes that it takes vulnerability and consistency to be a top performer at Seint, and attending company events is a must. Just enjoy learning and growing. One of her favorite quotes is "direct sales is all about personal growth with a compensation plan attached.”