Chelsie Sharpley

Baytown, TX Artist since August, 2019

Chelsie is an Oil Field Wife to her husband, Josh, and together they have 2 beautiful girls. Emalee, who looks just like her Daddy and Jaycee Joan, who is Chelsie's Carbon Copy.  Their family has been traveling the country due to Josh's job for 12 years now.  They have lived in 11 different states since then, living as far North as Nebraska to as far South as Texas.  

When Chelsie joined Maskcara Beauty in August of 2019 her mind was set on one thing, the dream of settling her family in one town, so her girls could stay in a school for longer than 6 months at a time.  

Chelsie always wanted to do something big in life.  But sometimes life just gets in the way and you find yourself in the everyday motions. Thanks to Seint, Chelsie started finding herself again.  Not only did this company help her bring back the confidence to rock her one dimple smile.  It brought her an entire group of women who she could not live a day without.  This company is everything in her life that she didn't know she was missing.  

One year into Seint and Chelsie's dream of settling her family has became a reality.  Her husband has been able to take a local job off of the road and her family built and moved into their dream home in September of 2020.   

 In her past time you can see Chelsie roaming the isles at Hobby Lobby looking for home decor, at her favorite local Mexican Restaurant eating Chips & salsa, volunteering at her church, or looking for her phone only to find her 5 year old live in her Beauty Group.  

If Chelsie could share one tip with a New Artist it would be to go ALL IN for one year.  You will look back in one years time & you will not be perfect in those 365 days, but you will have made a whole lot of progress from where you started.