Elizabeth Gillie

Prattville, ALArtist since May, 2017

Elizabeth Gillie is a mama to three little boys! She and her husband met on a blind date 9 years ago, and have been together ever since. Elizabeth’s husband joined the military, and is currently deployed to Europe. They’ve enjoyed moving around the U.S., and have been in Alabama for the last 5 years.

Elizabeth joined Seint three years ago while deep in the throes of severe postpartum depression. Maskcara gave Seint new, life-long friends, as well as a creative outlet that couldn’t be undone by little hands.

Couple random facts about Elizabeth: she loves making and eating homemade salsa, going on family hikes, buying and wearing fun earrings, and kicking butt at game night!

Elizabeth’s biggest piece of advice for new Seint artists is to look for ways to serve your people. Serve your customers, serve your Instagram followers, serve your teamies. Show up and add value to their lives. Add that in with consistency, and you will have created a beautiful space where people can love, grow and support each other.