Harmony Beus

Layton, UT Artist since January, 2017

Harmony was born and raised in Layton, Utah. Though she has not moved around much since she was born, she loves to travel, and enjoys going to new places and seeing new things! Traveling with her family is easily one of her most favorite things to do in life. Camping, boating, and of course boujee hotels are amongst her favorite. 

Harmony is married to her highschool sweetheart, Braden. They have been blessed with two amazing kids, who are their biggest pride and joy. To accompany those kiddos, they also have 3 dogs and a cat. Their animals are definitely a big part of their family, and they love having them around. 

Harmony is pretty low key, and enjoys more small, intimate gatherings. She would much rather be home in her sweats, binging on Netflix and treats, than out partying in large crowds. Becoming an Artist with Seint has been a major step outside Harmony's comfort zone. She decided to join the day they launched the artist program in January 2017. She often says it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Harmony has experienced a personal self growth since becoming an Artist that is hard for her to put into words. Her life has been impacted in all areas- for the better, of course- due to this amazing opportunity of being a Seint Artist. She will forever be grateful for this company and all it- and Cara!- have been able to provide for her. 

If Harmony had to give ONE piece of solid advice to new Artists who are looking to create success in this business, it would be to: "Believe in yourself, and remember that while our comfort zone is a beautiful place, nothing ever grows there."