Heather Burge

Richmond Hill, GA Artist since January, 2017

Heather stumbled upon Seint back when Cara was Allure's Beauty Blogger of the Year, and has purchased every single version of IIID foundation since its inception! Heather was a busy, burned out and deep-in-debt boutique owner in Savannah, Georgia back in 2017 when she received the email to all customers announcing the launch of the Artist program. She literally cried tears of joy to have the opportunity to add an additional income stream- just by demo-ing a product she was already sharing with literally everyone she knew. 

Two years into her journey with Seint, Heather sold her business after 15 years to pursue her passion of helping other women make their own financial impact by choosing faith over fear, and by leveraging simple systems. She's now debt free and having a blast renovating her home on the Ogeechee River outside Savannah. She's obsessed with numbers and does spreadsheets for fun when she's not spending time on the river with her husband, Roger, and two daughters, Lawson and Mary.