Jenna Kuzawski

Oswego, NYArtist since August, 2018

Jenna kuzawski has been with Seint since August of 2018. She is a 33-year-old Oswego, NY native. She was born and raised there, and is now currently a mom of three. She has two daughters, Alexa (13) and Addison (11), and one son named Edward (9).

She’s been with her husband, Ed, for over 15 years. When they aren’t running their mini athletes all over town, they love to have date nights and do improvements on their home together.

Along with their three children, Jenna and Ed have two cats, Lady Girl and Yodi. Jenna is also a reality tv junkie and could survive just on iced coffee if she had to.

Her favorite Lip + Cheek is Frenchie, but she most recently fell in love with Summer Love (her most favorite combo is mixing the two together!)

When Jenna has some free time, she loves to travel, and she’s also a major fan of anything involving the beach or mexican food!

"Having Seint be part of my life has really given me an opportunity to not only provide for my family, but also not feel guilty about buying those “extras” for myself. More importantly, it fulfills my heart that I truly love what I am building. It’s important to be happy and love what you do. I make women feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin – what’s better than that?!"

Jenna absolutely loves her Seint business – it took off faster and stronger than she could have ever imagined! She really loves doing live videos on her social media channels. She has a decent following, but what has really helped her to grow is by staying super consistent and informative – it’s been her bread and butter. Jenna prides her business on honesty and relatability.

I think it’s super important for new artists to stay true to themselves – you find your true people that way. I always try to incorporate more of myself than Seint into my business, and I know that has built so many relationships and help me connect with so many women around the country.

Jenna has not yet been able to go to a Seint event but she has her sights set on Cabo and soaking up the sun with all the gals! 😉

Jenna has a super strong team of boss babes that she loves being able to work alongside with every day! She has 60 teammies now, and they’re all so individually unique and offer such brilliance to each other’s business. She has never felt so much excitement and happiness before! They all truly root for one another and offer so much support. They are so hard working and she is truly honored to know them.

Jenna has also built so many friendships with women across the Seint board, and it’s been inspiring to see the endless support that everyone offers each other.

She says, “the vibe with Seint is unmatched – I hope I am able to be an Artist forever. I feel so lucky and grateful to have this opportunity. I plan to continue to share these incredible products and grow with this company every day.”