Jerrica Mortenson

Baxter, IAArtist since June, 2017

Jerrica Mortenson was born and raised in Iowa, and currently lives in the small town of Baxter surrounded by cornfields and cows! She’s married to her high school sweetheart, Tanner, and together they have three children! Briah (Bre-a) 11, Brynnlee, 7, and Benton, 5. Her weekends are filled with dance competitions and softball tournaments!

After suffering from postpartum depression, Jerrica joined a direct sales company with the hope to find something for herself. It can be easy to lose yourself as a mom and a wife, and it’s all too easy to forget that we have to take care of ourselves, too. When that first company gave their representatives a 30 day notice and closed their doors, Jerrica found Sara Davies! She researched Seint’s company and the products, and just knew this was something she had to be a part of.

Jerrica is a Registered Dental Assistant of 14 years, but was recently able to quit her job and is excited to work Seint full-time now. She will work her last day at the dental office on her three year Seint Anniversary on June 1st. She is excited to start her new journey of working her Seint business full-time while being able to spend more time with her children.

Jerrica’s absolute favorite place is the beach. Tanner, Jerrica and a group of their friends travel to a new beach destination every other year for a kid free vacation. The perfect Saturday for Jerrica would be curled up with a warm blanket, a big bowl of popcorn and the Hallmark Channel!

Seint Beauty has forever changed Jerrica and Tanner’s life, and they are grateful that Cara had a dream that she followed. Cara’s passion became a reality and has blessed so many of us! Thank you, Cara!