Jessica Dadlani

Alexandria, VAArtist since March, 2019

Jessica Dadlani has been a Seint Beauty Artist since March of 2019. Jessica has a passion for makeup and helping people, so she knew working for Seint is where she wanted to be. She is a mother of three boys (one of which is her fur baby), and is married to a handsome man named Justin. Fun fact, Jessica moved in next door to her husband when she was 12 years old, but they didn’t start dating until she was 19. Jessica’s husband is active duty in the United States Coast Guard, which has them currently living in sunny San Diego. They are originally from Coral Springs, Florida, and while they do miss the weather and their family, they LOVE that they get to move around and experience new places and people. This is why Jessica loves Seint Beauty - her husband’s schedule is so crazy that it would be difficult for her to find a job to work at during the hours that he’s home. With Seint, she gets to stay home with her kids and also be home when he’s off work and not have to miss out on bringing home a paycheck. It’s literally the best of both worlds. Jessica has enjoyed these last eight months she’s been with Seint so much. Her husband says she seems happier, and it’s so true—she has been.

Jessica’s advice for new artists who are just starting out: be authentic and be you! When Jessica turns on that LIVE button on Facebook, her audience knows they are getting the real and raw Jessica, and they love that. She’s certain that’s what’s helped her be successful with Seint. In the past, she acted how she thought people wanted her to be rather than just being the real Jessica. She hasn’t been to any Seint events yet, but she did earn the Cabo trip, which she is super excited for. She is bringing her husband, and she can’t wait to meet everyone and just soak it all in.

One good thing (among many others) about going to Cabo is going to be all the tacos. Jessica is obsessed with tacos - she could literally eat them all day, every day. There are so many taco shops near where they live that have family meals for $24.99, so they tend to have tacos A LOT. In fact, one of Jessica’s favorite things to do is eat tacos and binge watch some Netflix.

One of the coolest places Jessica has ever been would have to be Three Sisters Falls. It took them about 4 hours (round trip) to hike, and while it was so intense, the overall view was breathtaking. She would love to hike that spot one more time before they leave San Diego. Speaking of hikes, Jessica has tested out Seint Beauty while enduring the great outdoors, and let’s just say she was amazed, because the makeup does not budge. If Jessica had to pick a favorite Seint product, she would probably have to choose the IIID foundations. They have seriously changed her skin, and they hold up all day long. One of Jessica’s favorite quotes is “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” by Coco Chanel. She has lived by this since starting her Seint journey, and she hasn’t looked back since.