Jessica Perez

Pike Road, ALArtist since April, 2017

Jessica Perez is pretty sure she is 32, but because she's got 4 kids, husband, and dog, that kind of info gets lost! She was born and raised in Pima, Arizona on a cotton and cattle farm, and then pursued a Genetics and Development degree from Arizona State. She worked as a laboratory scientist while her husband completed his undergraduate degree, and then in 2015 they moved across the country. to Alabama for her husband to attend graduate school. 

Leaving a career was more difficult than anticipated. She tried every job she could from home to avoid leaving her kids:  teaching English to kids in China, grading SATs essay questions, transcription, and finishing projects from the previous lab. With zero experience in business or makeup, when Jackie Richards asked about the artist program, she rolled her eyes big time, but something in her gut said JUMP IN NOW! So that's what she did, and she fell in love.

It's easy to become obsessed with the artist program when you find your people who want to have fun, grow, and chase goals. She has found her place! Her ultimate goal for Seint was to be able to provide her kids with a taste of the farm life she had when she was growing up, and 2021 is the year Seint has made that a reality! She and her family will be starting a cattle farm in Alabama and make their dreams come true! 

On any given day you'll find Jess running on the road, eating nachos of all kinds, taking care of her kids and sipping lots and lots of energy drinks!