Jordan Gallais

Sundre ABArtist since May, 2020Facebook Icon

Jordan Gallais grew up in a small town in Alberta and still resides there with her boyfriend and two dogs.

Sundre is a gorgeous town near the mountains that will always be home to her. She was raised going to rodeos with her family all across North America. Jordan was never super interested in the rodeo sport, and instead took the path of being a wedding makeup artist and wedding videographer.

However, she was raised to have a self-employed and entrepreneurial mindset, just like everyone else in her family, so this lead her to Seint to add to her choice of work. It seemed to blend well with being in the wedding industry as a makeup artist already, but it has turned out to be so much more than Jordan thought it would be- in all the best ways!

Showing up authentically and being consistent has gotten her to where she’s at in the company now. It was never something she pictured doing- joining a direct sales company- but Jordan has gained a sense of leadership, passion and purpose with Seint. She loves surrounding herself with spontaneous people that are up for anything!

Jordan loves travelling, boating, sports and anything creative with her friends and wild family. It still blows her mind that this opportunity has given her the option to give up her wedding career and not be tied to anyone else’s schedule. Talk about financial and time freedom at 22 years old!