Karli Johnson

Las Vegas, NVArtist since April, 2017

Karli Johnson grew up in Grants Pass, Oregon - a small, lush, green, quiet town right on the river. Now, she lives in the dry, barren, bustling, desert city of Las Vegas. It sounds like quite the downgrade, but Karli is actually really fond of the life she has built there. Also. Karli doesn’t think she could survive going back to small-town life because Cheesecake Factory, Chick-Fil-A, and drive-through soda shops are what dreams are made of.

After freezing her buns off in Idaho and Utah for college, then sweating her buns off for almost five years in Louisiana (doing missionary work for her church, then heading back there to put her new husband through law school, have their first baby, and finish her own degree) they have finally landed in Vegas, where Karli’s husband has his own law practice doing Estate Planning. In the early (humble) days, Karli worked as his assistant all of one day a week, and nothing has brought her more joy than seeing him build an incredible business so quickly. It is also really special to have him now being her biggest cheerleader as she watches the magic of time and consistency work in her Seint business.

Karli and her husband have two hilarious, spicy little boys, Brody (7 going on 47), and Blaine (4, though he looks no older than 3). They are both the light Karli’s life, and the reason Karli loves drive-through soda shops so much. As a family, you can usually find The Johnson’s spending their weekends running to and from the boys’ games, cleaning her husband’s office and their house, then relaxing and watching a Disney movie at home (and Psych on repeat once the kids are in bed). Oh, and of course you can find them at Chick-Fil-A if the wind blows them in the right direction.

As an individual, Karli is a mom who is no longer lost in motherhood. Seint has reminded her that she is more than just a mom, and that she really can have her cake and eat it too. She can stay home and raise her babies, she can build a business and generate real income for her family, she can have a network of girlfriends, she can make an impact on other women, AND she can do all of those things simultaneously.

Karli also enjoys working out, weekly date nights with her hubby, baking on Sundays, home projects and décor, and Excel spreadsheets. Karli absolutely HATES cooking, doing the dishes, and folding laundry. Karli’s number one business goal: make enough money that she can hire ALL of those tasks out - oh, and also outearn her husband someday. HA! When that happens, they will enjoy quarterly trips to Hawaii, ‘cause that is Karli’s favorite place EVER.

There are SO many things Karli wants all new/struggling Artists to understand:

  1. Your “why” does not need to be monumental in the beginning. Don’t get hung up on trying to figure out how to obtain world peace through selling makeup before you actually start selling makeup. Karli’s “why” when she signed up was simply because we were financially strapped and she didn’t want to keep babysitting other people’s kids to make ends meet - Karli thinks her “why” was more of a “why not” back then. What matters most is that you make a decision and then start taking action - your why will develop as you develop as an Artist.

  2. GIVE. IT. TIME. If you do the work consistently, Karli promises you the ranks, income, and impact will follow. For some of us it takes longer - and that is OKAY. The time will pass anyway.

  3. Enjoy where you are now. Keep reaching, but don’t be so focused on the next step that you don’t enjoy where you are at now, with the people you are there with.

Karli is big on gratitude, so a few “thank yous” are 100% necessary here: Cara - thank you for letting your dream become a major part of my dream life that has turned reality. Ask and the corporate team - thank you for putting out all of the fires and taking such great care of us as Artists My team - upline and downline - you ladies are my people, and I 100% owe all that I am as an Artist to each of you. My husband, Blake - you are the real MVP. Each relationship has a reacher and a settler, and I am forever grateful you settled on me. My boys - thanks for being my source of joy on cloudy days. You make me want to be the best I can be. Diet Coke - you know what you have contributed to this adventure.