Kelly Nordfelt

St. George, UTArtist since April, 2017

Kelly is a wife and mother of 5 children.  She grew up in West Jordan, UT. She met her husband, Kye, at Southern Utah University where she got her degree in elementary special education. She and her family moved to St. George, UT in 2014 and never want to leave. 

Kelly’s favorite thing to do is finish carpentry around her house, play the piano and take a nap. 

Kelly is a world traveler and by far her favorite memories are getting her own library card at the Library of Congress,  swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with her mom and boating in Lake Powell with her family. 

Kelly wanted to be a Seint artist simply to get a bunch of products at a discount and earn that lot money back. She quickly learned that there was so much more. She didn’t know much of anything about makeup, didn’t use social media and had no direct sales experience. Her advice to anyone that’s wants to go big here is this: Be coachable, take the time to do personal development and be consistent. Just keep throwing that spaghetti at the wall. Eventually it will stick.