Kelsey Mazzone

Barrie, ON Artist since April, 2019

Kelsey Mazzone is a Canadian and mama of 3 who married the boy she fell in love with at 16. She has been a Seint Beauty Artist since April 2019. She first tried the makeup when she was on a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to see her favourite band, Hanson. She met up with her Instagram friend in a coffee shop to try the makeup before the concert, and the rest is history. Kelsey has a passion for helping others, and spent years working with adults and children with special needs in school and group home settings prior to becoming a Seint Artist. Kelsey loves being a Seint Artist because it allows her to dive into her creative side while filling up her cup by helping others.

Kelsey’s advice for artists who are just starting out: show up authentically and consistently! Kelsey’s customers and Artists gravitate to her because she shows up in a real and raw way that makes them realize they don’t need to be the expert to succeed in this company- they just have to want it and work for it.

Kelsey’s favourite Seint “product” is the Artist Program. Which isn’t technically a “product”, but this business has blessed her and her family's life so much that she can’t stop raving about it and wants everyone to find the joy she’s found in this company. Kelsey is a HUGE Hanson fan (hence the road trip to Tulsa, OK) and loves to travel all over for concerts. She loves tacos and recently binged Ginny & Georgia on Netflix and finished it in one day!