Krista Norris

Sahuarita, AZArtist since August, 2017

Krista is a wife and mama of two kiddos; Olivia who is seven, and Anders is five. She was raised in the West Coast, lived in the Deep South and now resides with her family in sunny Arizona. Krista has Crohn’s disease and was recently diagnosed with Drug Induced Autoimmune Hepatitis in 2020. Her more recent diagnosis made her super sick, jaundiced, and making yellow jokes about herself.  Managing her family and her health have become part of her daily life!

Krista loves Jesus, eating sushi, and binge watching The Office show with her husband, Marshall. Krista and Marshall have been happily married for 11 years now. His career requires him to work long hours which makes them thankful for the flexibility that comes with the Artist Program.

Krista surprisingly said "no" to the artist program at first, but after starting, it didn’t take her long to realize that Seint would be one of her best yesses! Krista’s favorite Seint event so far was Dream in Salt Lake City, Utah. Meeting Seint Sisters for the first time was life changing!

Krista encourages new Artists to embrace their “why”, to believe in their dreams, and to remember to love on everyone in the process! When things don’t go as planned, it’s okay to laugh and try again. Don’t show up stressing about being perfect; show up as YOU. You are YOU and that makes You relatable to your audience!