Kristin Hodges

Saratoga Springs, UTArtist since March, 2017

Kristin Hodges was born and raised in San Diego, California. She is the middle child of seven kids, four of which are adopted. On her birth mom and birth dad’s side, there are two older and two younger kids, so any way you slice it, she is the ultimate middle child: five older, five younger!

Kristin currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah with her husband, three little boys and their Toy Poodle, Louie. Kristin nannied for many years, including for a Presidential candidate, and traveled on a campaign trail around the country, nannying for the candidate’s grandkids. Although Kristin is a fulltime mom to three energetic boys, she just can’t stop watching more kids. She nannies three different infants fulltime, as well as manages her parent’s Airbnb in Utah.

Kristin joined Seint on March 1, 2017, just three weeks after having her third baby in less than four years. Although the timing seemed so wrong, it couldn’t have been more right. When the postpartum depression and anxiety kicked in, Kristin held onto Seint for dear life. The friends she met, the relationships she built and the possibilities of a sale kept her fighting, day in and day out. Although she had no direct sales experience - and wasn’t even convinced she was sold on the makeup - she saw the opportunity and held onto her sister-in-law’s (Sara Davies) coattails and refused to be left behind. Now, she can proudly - and gladly - say that she is now obsessed with all things Seint products and 3D Foundation.

The best advice Kristin would give to a new artist is to just keep going. Quitters don’t make it, and slowing down doesn’t move you along any faster. Show up, ride the waves, do the homework, learn the things, participate, engage, get involved, ask questions, do makeovers, master our products and realize the opportunities that have been presented to you by working for Seint. And never, ever miss convention. Kristin is truly obsessed with her team and will forever be beyond grateful for the friendships and fulfillment being a Seint Artist has brought to her life.