Kristyn Cole

Joshua, TXArtist since January, 2017

Kristyn Cole has two little girls aged 5 and 2. She has been dating their daddy for almost nine years now. Together, they currently “live tiny” in a fifth wheel, and travel around the United States to give their girls memories and experiences that will last a lifetime before their oldest starts kindergarten in the fall. Kristyn is a blogger and social media influencer, but her real passion is in interior design and home renovating.

Kristyn became a Seint Artist because Kat Fairchild made her do it ;) Kristyn was reluctant to join at first, but now three years later she is so glad she joined. The friendships she has made through this company, and the lives she has been able to help change - all because she decided to join three years ago - have made her a better person, and for that she is forever grateful. Watching women become a better version of themselves when they put on this makeup and put it on others is life changing.

Something Kristyn would tell all new Artists is that consistency is key. If you love something, then shout it from the rooftops. Don’t worry about what others may think of you and your business - that’s only going to hinder your growth and keep you from growing.

The leadership retreats are some of Kristyn’s favorite events. Getting to be in the same house with like-minded women is so inspiring, and really pushes her to want to be the best Artist she can be. She hopes that all of her fellow Artists will get to experience a leadership retreat one day.

Milk is hands down Kristyn’s favorite product. You can’t have flawless makeup without good skin, and you can’t have good skin without Milk!

If Kristyn had to eat one food everyday for the rest of her life, it would be sandwiches. She actually does eat one almost every day for lunch. Her perfect sandwich, you ask? Boars head honey turkey, pepper jack cheese, jalapeño mustard, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and cracked pepper on an Everything bagel :)