Lacy Halls

Pleasant Hill, IAArtist since July, 2017

Lacy Carpenter was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and recently built a new home this year with her fiancé - Dalton - just before her 29th birthday in May! Growing up, Lacy's dad was her best friend, and they would often perform "concerts" in the truck with dance moves that could kill. To this day, one of Lacy's favorite things to do is turn up the music (90's of course) and have her own dance parties in the kitchen. In the summertime, you can find her on her dad's boat playing classic rock hits and getting sunburnt.

By day, Lacy is a Branch Manager at a Credit Union and loves interacting with her members and staff, but by night, she is a Seint Artist with a passion for helping her team flourish. In Lacy's free time, she enjoys binge watching Vanderpump Rules and has an obsession with the I.D. channel. On a chill Friday night, you can find her stuffing her face with Walking Tacos or steak and an ice cold Cherry Pepsi.

Lacy has always been deemed the life of the party and the creative spirit, so when she found herself bored and in a rut in the summer of 2017, a Facebook LIVE from her dear friend took her by complete surprise. She signed up as an Artist soon after her friend went LIVE, and the very next day she had four tins at a 4th of July party that not only brought compliments, but a confidence within herself that maybe this product was the answer to get her out of the rut she was in. While Lacy has grown rather fond of the Milk Lip Conditioners, Frenchie Lip + Cheek will always have her heart. On July 3rd, Lacy will celebrate three incredible years with Seint, and is loving every moment. She will be forever grateful to her friend for getting her started, and to Cara for their ongoing love, support, and sisterhood.