Laura Haight

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Laura Haight is a wife and mama of two from just north of Toronto, Canada. She met her husband Dan during an office romance in 2014, where they were outed by the Kiss-Me-Cam at a local hockey game. They got married in 2017, and 10 months later, they had their son Emerson, and daughter Alivia shortly after. 

With a one month old and 16 month old at home, Laura came across Seint and she was intrigued by the simplicity of the makeup. Laura originally got into this business because she wanted to try the makeup, but she quickly saw the potential of this opportunity. Dreading the idea of returning to her 9-5 and trying to juggle motherhood while working outside of the home, Laura decided to go all in with her Seint business. After 10 months of hard work and showing up consistently, Laura decided to quit her corporate 9-5 lifestyle to become a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. 

When Laura isn’t working her business, you’ll find her spending time with her family at the cottage, hanging out with girlfriends, watching reality tv, indulging in charcuterie, or enjoying a glass of wine. 

On her experience with Seint, Laura shared: “To say I am thankful I said yes to this opportunity would be the greatest understatement. It has been a life changing experience! I have met the most amazing women, and I have been blessed with some incredible friendships. Nothing beats helping other women change their lives as well!”.