Lauren Coe

Shawano, WIArtist since January, 2019

Lauren comes from all the way in the Midwest of Wisconsin, she is a momma to a beautiful baby girl Noella and wife! Growing up Lauren always envisioned owning something of her own and always being her own boss but never knew Seint would’ve been the answer to her prayers.

In 2019 when Lauren joined she knew that she wanted to touch as many hearts as possible while inspiring women and helping along the way. One saying that has always kept her going was “it never gets easier, it gets better.” Being able to be blessed with working for Seint has been life changing in so many ways and the confidence Lauren has gained in herself and her ability to make a difference is the icing on the cake!

Moving to New Zealand after college and not pursuing the typical route is what ignited Lauren in remembering that it’s okay to do something for yourself and to not follow norms, living there for some time has taught her so much in life but most importantly the ability to create a future that you inspire to have! There is so much beauty and opportunity in the world, don’t ever hold yourself back from any of it! Continue to dream big and show up and the success you envision is in the palm of your hands! Trust in your faith and your power!