Lindsey Garrow

Frontenac, KSArtist since October, 2018

Small town Kansas girl (born and raised) in Frontenac is where Lindsey Garrow met her husband, and where they have decided to plant roots for their little family. Lindsey became an artist a little over 2 years ago. Her story is like most--in a late-night postpartum scroll on social media, she found herself heading down a rabbit hole of hair and makeup tutorials. She kept seeing this one-compact makeup pop up, and sight unseen, Lindsey was already researching the Artist program before even trying the makeup. This was completely out of character for her, but something about it really stuck in her mind and it felt meant to be. Here she is two years later with a team of almost 300 beautifully unique women and hitting a goal rank of Artist VII - it’s like a dream every day.

Along with being a Seint Artist, Lindsey still works full-time as a nurse educator. The Artist opportunity gave her the confidence and financial ability to finish her Master's degree in Nursing Education this past summer. Without the support of her family - her two precious littles, Henry and Dotty, her husband Justin (who supports her 100%), and the 1 dog and 15 chickens that call her mom, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She enjoys spending a lot of time makeup-free in her garden, further proving this opportunity is truly for everyone.

Lindsey’s advice to anyone just starting out as an Artist is to not be scared to set big goals. "Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever did." Lindsey is also a big advocate for self development and self care. For those wanting to take this business to the next level remember, "don't fit your life into your business, fit your business into your life" (thank you Amanda Earnest). This business shouldn't be what you think it SHOULD be, but what you WANT it to be. Find your own niche. This world needs you.