Louisa Griffith

Layton, UTArtist since January, 2017

Louisa grew up on the East Coast and had an amazing childhood being raised with her 13 siblings in the beautiful country.

She is the most extremely social introvert, who is passionate about writing and loves music, nature, homesteading, relationships, and connecting with people! She is also a self-proclaimed melodramatic, and an enneagram 9 with a very strong 1 wing.

Growing up, her love of nature’s visual artwork and helping others see the beauty she sees in them brought her to makeup as a form of expression, creativity, and calm. She began sharing makeup with others at age 13, which led her to an education in cosmetology with an emphasis on color science and theory.

She discovered Cara Brook in 2010 when her friend sent her a YouTube makeup tutorial. Once IIID foundation was released, it’s ability to pair color science with makeup was a dream come true for her! She bought the very first release, and now owns an awesome personal collection of each phase of the Maskcara/Seint products! The only one that got away is the original white I Shadow Everything brush, so if you happen to know where she can find one of those- call her!

Working as a makeup and hair Artist, Louisa shared her love of IIID Foundation with everyone she could get her hands on, and was one of the first Artists to sign her agreement on January 17, 2017. Coupled with a talent and aptitude for business, hard work, and her passion for relationships and all things color, Louisa knew this was where she was meant to be! She set a goal to be one of the first artists to hit the prestigious rank of Artist VII, which she did in just six months!

Her favorite thing about being a Seint Artist is her team, and the wonderful relationships and loving culture they have created together. Watching them grow and hit their goals and find success is what drives her.

Louisa is married to her best friend, and together they have 4 spirited, fantastic boys. As a special needs parent, being a Seint Artist has given Louisa the ability to work hard for- and stay home with- her children, as she has always wanted to do. 

Though she’s lived the gypsy/nomad lifestyle for over a decade and a half, her family is finally settling down in their dream home and lifestyle after purchasing her grandparents farmhouse and land in Idaho where she plans to have a small therapy farm, grow millions of wildflowers, and sit on the porch to watch the sunset.