Lynzi Greene

Sevierville, TNArtist since June, 2019Instagram Icon

Lynzi was Born and raised in Sevierville, TN, and loves raising her two kiddos Addie (10) and Parker (4) with her husband David who works in the Tourist industry. They are expecting a 3rd little blessing, a baby girl in October!!

She loved the simplicity of the makeup and thought it would be fun to share with others! She started this as an addition to her part-time job as a school nurse, but quickly discovered how much opportunity and potential there was and went to work work work!! Her favorite Seint product is Bella bronzer!

Lynzi believes that for someone who wants to be a top performer in this company that consistency, customer service, and belief are the keys to success! Lynzi received the opportunity to attend the leadership retreat in February in Miami and it was her favorite Seint experience yet! Ironically though, it’s the only Seint event she has been able to attend to date!

In Lynzi’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending church, eating cereal, and binging Netflix after her family is in bed! She could eat Mexican food every single day and tries to make that come true at least a few times a week!