Megan Kmita

Victoria, BCArtist since April, 2020Instagram Icon

Canada native. Mama to three under three!

Megan was born and raised on the west coast of Vancouver Island BC, Canada. She is a wife and mama to three under three - twins and a one-year-old, and pregnant with her 4th on the way!

She is a certified dental assistant by trade. Megan had been using Seint makeup for two years -so long that she had to drive and cross the American boarder and pick up her makeup and bring back to Canada. Once the company expanded she didn’t even know the artist opportunity existed until she came across a couple of Canadian artists. Once she found out she could become an artist and sell the makeup she was hook, line and sinker. She manifested and set huge goals for herself. She had zero knowledge of social media, zero followers, and also no sales experience ever. Completely new to her, she educated herself and was okay to be seen as small. She also loved the fact it gave her another outlet than just her mama duties. Megan is a huge mental health advocate and shines a lot of light on the topic on her page as well. Her words to new artists are to be okay to be seen small. Stop caring what others think. Share your passion and let your personality shine. 

Fun facts about Megan. Her Seint cult fave is Bella bronzer. She loves mustard and dill pickles on everything. She played for team Canada softball. She has had a hole in one on a real golf course. She owned two yorkies named Tennessee and Georgia and wanted to have all 52 states of yorkies!

Finding Seint helped her find herself. Has changed her and her family's life in ways they never could have dreamt. Making women feel beautiful, and mentoring other Artists to change their lives too.