Paige Sevier

St. George, UTArtist since January, 2017

Paige Sevier is the middle child of 8 siblings, and grew up in a small lake town in Bigfork, MT, just 30 minutes south of Glacier National Park. Paige moved to St. George, UT in high school, where she met her husband Cam. They’ve known each other for 14 years, have been married for seven and have two beautiful little boys: Mack and Milo. Rounding out their family, they have an Australian Shepherd/Collie mix named Odie. Call her crazy, but Paige would love to have twin girls next!

The biggest - and only - reason Paige decided to become an Artist is Cara. Paige had the opportunity to meet Cara in person a few times before she opened the Artist program, and Paige knew that she had a heart of pure gold, and that she truly cared about other people. Paige legit signed up not even knowing it was a direct selling company - she just knew whatever Cara was putting down, she was gonna pick up. And she still feels the same today.

People always ask Paige what the magic sauce is for new Artists who have just signed up, so here it is: decide now that you're not going to quit. Learn to be disciplined. Learn from mentors. You may think you need to look a certain way or have a certain online presence to be successful - don't believe those lies. The person who gets to the top is the one who consistently shows up, day in and day out, serves others with all her heart, doesn't compare herself to her peers, and is intrinsically motivated by her own goals and dreams.

Reunions are Paige’s favorite Seint events to attend because she loves her team like family. Any opportunity to connect with them and get to know them is special to her - you just can't pass up the late night girl chats, cookie deliveries, team gatherings, and the energy of other Seint sisters. Paige is so grateful to corporate for always putting on such heartfelt events where we can all come together!

Some random facts about Paige: she LOVES hats. If you know her, you know. She used to own a women's clothing boutique and loves styling other people’s outftis. You know how we color match in our mind when we see people in public? Paige does the same with styling.

The coolest place Paige has ever been was an adorable little town called Lubeck, Germany. They had the yummiest marzipan ice cream and homemade chocolates with the most unique Scandanavian homes. Paige is a sucker for anything Europe-related; in fact, she just booked a trip to Spain for her 30th birthday in May!

If Paige had to eat one food everyday - side from the bread at Giada's Restaurant - anyone who knows her knows she is a treats fanatic, and right now all she can think of are Scotcharoos from Clean Simple Eats. Paige urges you to go make them right now and tell her they're not the best things you've ever had.

Paige truly believes that dreaming big, scary things has led her to where she is today, and she has every intention of continuing to make those dreams a reality. Currently, she has dreams of buying a lake house back in her hometown in Montana, getting a Mercedes Benz G Wagon (she hasn’ decided if it's black or white yet), building a beautiful white, modern victorian style home where everyone is welcome, traveling the world with her family, and designing her own clothing line. Paige knows all of this will only happen if she continues to strive to make an impact on others and help them fulfill their dreams. One last thing: Paige would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Whitney Bull for hitting Influencer the same time as her! Paige is so in awe of Whitney and all she does!