Patricia Ford

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Patty Ann Ford lives in Southern California with her two sons, Luke (1) and James (6), and her husband of 10 years, Buck Ford. Patty grew up in Maryland with her parents, brother and close cousins and extended family. Her whole family attended the University of Maryland, and to this day, they all love every part of the east coast. She was a premed major and began working as a wellness specialist right after college; even though she loved working with people, she felt something was missing. Then at age 22, she moved across the country to Southern California, knowing not a soul to pursue becoming a dietitian. Her education in California was planned to be only a year, yet turned into obtaining a PhD while meeting her soon-to-be husband. 

After working for 5 years in the field of clinical nutrition at all types of hospitals, both medical and psychiatric, Patty needed a breath of fresh air. Personally, she also had been in the depths of infertility procedures and appointments, including miscarriages and failed pregnancies. At the end of 2017, she saw her friend posting about this new makeup and watched her do videos opening and closing these mysterious compacts. 

Patty signed up as an Artist within a month after first seeing the makeup, without trying the makeup ever and not evening knowing what contouring or direct sales was. It began to be the most fun she had in a long time. Her first conference was in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2018 and she was impressed and astounded at the professionalism, authenticity and kindness of both the business and women. She felt at home and wanted more. She wanted to be an influencer. She wanted to work from home and wanted to be with her kids. Yet, she was fearful. Fearful to leave her secure job, fearful of what others would think. She continued to work on herself, and slowly build her business, working to serve her customers, teammates and slowly and surely began to believe that this is where she was meant to be- working with a team of powerful women and determined to make women feel beautiful. 

This business is an opportunity to change lives, and that to her is the most rewarding part of the business and frankly, giving space for someone to feel worthy is priceless. She is so thankful and she believes anything is possible. Her favorite food is crabs with some old bay, her favorite place in the world is Haleiwa, Oahu, and her favorite past time is to be outside in the sun, running, hiking, playing with her kids or playing in the sand at the beach! She also LOVES to dance!