Rachel Jacob

St. George, UTArtist since January, 2021Instagram IconFacebook Icon

Rachel is married to the perfect guy for her, and is a mom of 4 boys! People always ask her if she’s sad she doesn’t have a girl, but she honestly thinks she was meant to be a boy mom. She LOVES it. 

Rachel has loved helping people feel beautiful since she was a young girl! She started to do makeup and hair on all of her friends when she was in 4th grade, and sometimes even my friends’ mom’s would ask for a makeover! She also got to go to rest homes and give the residents mini makeovers, do their hair, and paint their nails. They loved it and so did she. She has always loved the way it felt to serve people in this way. 

It wasn’t until Rachel joined Seint that she realized how much she loved being a leader. Honestly, there is no better feeling to her than watching others succeed, and feeling like maybe she helped them in some small way.