Raelynn Reimer

Gimli, MBArtist since June, 2019

Raelynn Reimer lives in a gorgeous little lake town in Gimli, Manitoba, Canada with her amazingly awesome and super supportive husband, Mark and their three boys. Their eldest is 6 years old, and their twins are 3.5 years old. Raelynn grew up the eldest of three girls, and her earliest memories are of wading through hay fields with her sisters, dolls on hip, and dressed in their Mom’s old dresses. Girli-ness was in Raelynn’s BONES, so imagine her surprise when she entered the world of THREE BOYS! Raelynn was terrified! Never has she witnessed so much dirt, mess or wrestling matches!

Raelynn has been in the direct sales industry for nearly a decade, and was not looking for another business to jump into AT ALL when she came across Seint via Kate Twigg on Instagram. Not only was she busy with a different business at the time, but she also had just come out of the hardest season of her life as she battled anxiety, and was in the process of picking up the pieces of mental illness. What she was looking for in her search was an easy and quick makeup routine, given that life with twins had left her with both arms filled and not a whole lot of time for herself. Half way through her contour class, she jumped in with both feet - having never even tried the makeup! she knew it was a somewhat risky move, but she also knew that what she saw was incredible, and that what she had witnessed of the leadership within this company was like none other. She couldn’t have been more right! It is Raelynn’s absolute joy to link arms with the incredible women on her team, and help build the confidence of the women they share this makeup with everyday. It can’t be work when you’re having this much fun!

Raelynn’s one bit of advice to brand new artists is to stay in your own lane, and stop worrying what other people think of you. After years and years of being told “No,” Raelynn has come to realize it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with the other person. “No” is not a personal affront - it's simply a “not now” or a “not interested.” It doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t like you - they’re just not interested in what you have to offer at that time. When you take YOURSELF out of the no, it makes it a whole lot easier to move on to the next!

Mark and Raelynn met at Bible School in Sweden, and traveling the world is one of their favourite things to do together. Some of her favorite places she’s visited in her travels is the Lake Bodensee area of Germany, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, Hawaii and the Bahamas. Raelynn lives for coffee mistos, Lindt milk chocolate, and she loses her phone exactly 10.4 times a day - and yes, she sometimes finds it in her other hand. If Raelynn had a whole day to herself, she would go for a run by the lake, shop, get her nails done, find some coffee and READ!

Finding Seint was the very thing Raelynn didn’t know she needed. It’s given her opportunities in life she never thought possible, and she feels so honoured to work with such inspiring and power-house women!