Rebecca Lowe

San Clemente, CA Artist since January, 2017

Rebecca Lowe was born and raised in San Clemente, CA, and currently lives there with her family - just down the street from her sister, Amanda Earnest (another Seint Artist). Rebecca has three boys, ages 10, 7, and 3. Her first son cried for 6 months straight. Her second son came via emergency c-section at 32 weeks and spent two months in the NICU. Her third son came out like an angel. She's counting her blessings and ending on a high note!

Rebecca became an artist because she and her sister and talked about the artist program the night before it launched, and they both decided right then and there that the opportunity was a no-brainer! They haven’t looked back since.

Rebecca’s advice for new artists would be to stay focused on Seint Beauty’s mission statement. Numbers don’t always reflect success. Success is seeing someone’s eyes light up when they look in the mirror and recognize they were beautiful all along, without someone needing to tell them. Success is connecting with other women while they are sitting in your living room and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Success is the relationships you build as you lift and support your teammates in their goals - and truly get to know them and all the things that make them beautiful! Stay focused on the parts of the business that bring you, and those around, you true joy. Your goals will ultimately be reached by consistently focusing on serving those around you: your customers and your teammates!

Some fun facts about Rebecca: her favorite Seint product would definitely be the Milk Creme - she can’t get over how fresh and luxurious it is! If she had to eat one food(s) everyday for the rest of her life, she’d definitely have to say donuts, movie popcorn, and homemade sauerkraut.

Most people know Rebecca for her insane DIY spirit. If there is a leaky faucet, an ugly landscape job, faulty sprinklers, drab furniture - you name it - if it needs fixing, you can bet that Rebecca will tackle it! Last month, she replaced the blower wheel and motor in her central AC system - it was her proudest moment to date. Rebecca’s most recent endeavor involved demo-ing a wall in her house, opening up her downstairs family room, rewiring her surround sound, building cabinets and a media center, and repairing all the crown moulding in her house! Earlier this year, she also relandscaped and installed a new drip sprinkler system in her front yard. Rebecca firmly believe that you can figure out almost anything with a positive attitude and a little YouTube!