Ryan Shedrick

Clayton, NCArtist since September, 2018

Ryan Shedrick grew up near the coast of North Carolina, and even though she and her little family have had multiple moves as a former USMC family, they are now settled back near the coast where Ryan grew up.

Ryan loves anything with cheese and jalapeños, and will never say no to a night out with laughs, Mexican food and spicy margaritas! She also loves to travel, and has always been one to immerse herself in the culture of whatever place she’s visiting. Her time spent in both Egypt and Albania are her favorite travel experiences to date. She spent many nights in the desert under the Egyptian moon with the Bedouin people (this is where she first learned how to “tight line” with coal from the fire pit.) And she spent many days learning to make tea, fry fish and speak Albania in a small local village.

Ryan and her husband met online, and got married after only spending 9 days together in person! 9 YEARS later, they are stronger and more in love than ever! Together, they have a beautiful 8-year-old-daughter who, despite looking just like her dad, has certainly become quite the makeup artist like her mama!

One thing Ryan is known for on social media is her animals! They have 3 dobermans, 5 sugar gliders and 4 snakes. She ADORES her pets, and loves having the ability to share them with her online following.

Ryan joined Seint at a very difficult time in her life where she was drained, depressed and unsure of who she even was anymore. She started this business with one foot in and one foot out the door, but after attending Reign and experiencing the truly amazing opportunity this company and Cara have provided everyone with, she came home with a whole new outlook on life.

On January 1, 2020- as an Elite HACer (Artist II), Ryan decided to go all in. To truly give her all to this business and work hard every single day. Six months later, her team had grown from 9 ladies to over 300, and she hit the rank of Influencer!

Ryan’s advice to new Artists: you CAN do big things if you simply start by allowing this business to become MORE than makeup. Open your heart, and let it teach you how to truly love, believe, and trust in yourself. Let it teach you how to lead. How to accomplish goals. How to overcome obstacles. How to change the lives of everyone you meet. If you let it, this little box of makeup can change not only your life, but the lives of others forever.