Sara Davies

Greenville, SC Artist since January, 2021

Sara is wife to Jake and a mama to 4 almost 5 kiddos. She lives in Greenville, SC which she and Jake hand picked after driving 9000 miles over 39 days and 22 states. Her favorite place she has ever been is Italy and can't wait to go back! She could eat shrimp tempura rolls everyday. She's been using Seint's makeup since fall of 2015 and when she learned about the artist program launching she decided to go all in. She has a huge vision for herself and her team and is just getting warmed up. She was the 4th person in the company to achieve the rank of artist IX. If she had one piece of advice to share with a new artist that would like to be a top performer it would be to have a clear vision. Know what you want to achieve. People are inspired by and want to follow someone who knows where they're going. Dream big friend!