Savanah Poulsen

Boise, ID Artist since January, 2017

Savanah has been a Seint artist from day one and is so grateful she took the leap to join! It’s changed her life and blessed her family in many ways. Savanah is married to her love, Brian, and has three daughters. She loves being a girl mom! As a family they love to explore in the mountains, river raft, and do art projects. She loves traveling and eating chocolate covered cinnamon bears. 

Savanah decided to join as an artist because she loved the products and wanted to share them.  It has grown to be something so empowering! Helping others fall in love with their beauty, helping women build successful businesses, and connecting to so many incredible women has truly been life changing. Connecting in person is the biggest fuel for her business. She looks forward to every Seint event!