Shannon Saunders

Chesapeake, VAArtist since October, 2018

Shannon Saunders lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband, Luke, and two-year-old son, Tanner. She will be welcoming their second baby boy, Easton, later in October. The best way to describe Shannon is “somewhere between 1 Corinthians and Cardi B”. Shannon works full time for an IT Staffing company and loves every spare moment she can devote to Seint and her team. She has been an artist since October of 2018 and can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions of her life. At the time, she was a new mom and really wanted a creative outlet that was separate from working/mom life. She had no idea it would turn into the passion that it has.

Shannon loves helping women see the beauty in themselves, even when they struggle to see it. One of the most pivotal moments in Shannon’s Seint Artist journey was when her team and her volunteered at a local women’s shelter. Shannon and her team spent a day getting to know women in the shelter and helping them with makeovers before they left for job interviews. The look on the women’s faces when they saw how stunning they looked with Seint was the moment Shannon realized that Seint really is so much more than makeup. The shelter director emailed Shannon and her team the following day to let them know that some of the women received job offers and their confidence going into the interview with their makeovers was undeniable. If you have a local shelter near you, Shannon highly recommends this as a team building activity. You have no idea how such a small gesture can impact someone's life and confidence.

Shannon’s first Seint conference was last year at Reign. She vividly remembers walking by the Recognition Wall with all of the names of the top leaders and being so inspired by the women listed and thinking “Man, it would be so cool to make this wall one day”. In July of 2020, with the hard work of her incredible team and the constant encouragement of her upline leaders, Angela Knutson, Amanda Hill and Rachel Jacob, Shannon achieved the rank of Influencer. Shannon attributes so much of her success to her amazing mentor and friend, Angela Knutson, who saw the potential in her before she could even see it herself. Shannon hopes that one day she will have the same impact on her team that Angela has had on her.

Shannon’s goal with Seint is to prove that this opportunity really can work with any schedule. As a full time, working mom, it’s all about finding a routine that works for you! Her biggest piece of advice for those that want to be top performers in the company is stay humble, hustle hard and set goals that scare you. She strongly believes that God put the Seint Artist Program in her path at the perfect timing. She is forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing women every single day.